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    Bum Baby™ - Portable High Chair


    “We purchased this to help our son who has Down Syndrome and doesn't have the core strength of neurotypical children that sit up in high chairs and tables with the family. We take this to every restaurant we go to and he is able to sit and enjoy a meal with us. The construction of this product is high quality and really holds the baby in place. We couldn't recommend this more to everyone in need of a travel high-chair or something to help their little ones who need a little extra support in a high chair!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Erin Dempster
    ✅Verified Buyer

    Traveling with kids creates opportunities to make priceless memories, while exposing them to new experiences. When traveling with children, no matter how small or big, the outing can be challenging when not equipped with the right products. Constantly having to improvise for solutions, while ensuring child safety, can be exhausting and frustrating for everyone involved. 

    Bum Baby™ - Portable High Chair is perfect to take along to dinner at a restaurant or for general travel needs. The thoughtful 5 point harness design is compact for travel and fits a wide range of chairs to ensure baby safety when on the go. Enjoy the versatility of this product by being able to turn any chair into a high chair with the snap of a finger!


    CONVENIENT: Designed with a velcro closure strap for quick access, this portable high chair is easy to use and compact. Bum Baby™ will be able to turn just about any chair into a high chair within minutes!

    UNIVERSAL FIT: Bum Baby™ offers an adjustable back strap design to ensure it fits a wide range of chairs, both tall and wide with ease! Enjoy the ability to use this high chair in a multitude of ways to provide an easier traveling experience.

    ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The 5 point harness is height adjustable and accommodates babies 6 months and up. Bum Baby™ provides great comfort for all sizes with the padded cushioning and harness straps made from soft fabric. 

    STAYS PUT: Bum Baby™ is equipped with anti-slip pads along the top seat strap prevent it from shifting once attached to the chair. Enjoy having the additional side loops at the waist for extra security, offering great peace of mind. 

    MACHINE WASHABLE: With the ability to machine wash Bum Baby™, it's easy to know the high chair is clean. No more need to worry about messes post dining, simply throw it in the wash after mealtime is over.

    We understand the struggles of traveling with children, and how a fun outing can quickly become a stressful undertaking. For instance, there is nothing worse than having to put your child in a restaurant provided high chair, risking both their health and their physical safety. Recent studies show that the average number of bacteria on the highchairs is 147 per square centimeter, compared with an average 8 per square centimeter on the toilet seats!

    Bum Baby™ makes being on the go simple when traveling with children with its unparalleled versatility and convenience. This compact portable high chair simply unfolds and straps onto almost any chair while securely accommodating children 6 months and up with its adjustable straps. Enjoy traveling with the best fabric high chair, while also loving the simplicity and peace of mind that Bum Baby™ offers!



    • Material: Acrylic/Plexiglass
    • Color(s): Grey


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