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    Evergreen™ - Picnic Backpack

    "Just received, I used it today and could not be happier with quality, appearance and function. Picnic bag for 4 is the perfect size to take on day and weekend trips. I have ordered more expensive versions and returned."

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    Picnics are memory makers that are meant to be spent with family and friends while sharing food and connecting with nature. However, having the right supplies to make it happen can be challenging, especially when plans are made on a whim. Dealing with a traditional picnic basket and its overall lack of organization, storage and useful supplies can be frustrating.  

    The Evergreen™ - Picnic Backpack's thoughtful design brings the same nostalgia of a traditional picnic basket but with more functional capabilities. The large storage compartment is insulated, ensuring food stays fresh for several hours. With this backpack, it won’t be a stress to figure out how to transport the necessary food and supplies for travel, making it easy to simply enjoy the road ahead.


    OVERSIZED INSULATED STORAGE SPACE: The Evergreen™ Picnic Backpack has a large insulated food storage compartment (42x28x19cm) that can easily fit 4 person’s food and drink. The insulation function keeps food hot/cool and fresh for several hours, making the storing of all the outdoor picnic essentials a breeze

    PREMIUM PICNIC SUPPLIES: The wine glasses, plates, and chopping board are made of premium plastic and all small parts have a storage compartment to keep the backpack organized and readily available for use. Due to the lightweight and sturdy nature of the supplies, unlike glass or porcelain, it will be a wonderful addition for outdoor travels.

    SUPERIOR QUALITY: Crafted with durable fabric, this Evergreen™ Picnic Backpack is thoughtfully designed for rugged use for years to come. This backpack can keep up with the journeys ahead and facilitate the meaningful memories that will be sure to accompany the trip.


    ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE: The ergonomic design and padded shoulder straps of this Evergreen™ Picnic Backpack will allow for equal distribution of weight during travel. This backpack will make it feel easy and very comfortable when having to carry a heavy load for a long trip or travel picnic experience.

    WONDERFUL GIFT CHOICE: This Evergreen™ Picnic Backpack will be the greatest assistant getting picnic organized and doing so in a neat manner. A gift that keeps giving, this backpack will make the most meaningful and memorable gift for couples, wedding gift, and/or anniversary gift.  

    We know that without the proper supplies, the execution of making a picnic happen can be tiresome and demanding. Picnics are all about the food, so the inability to keep your desired food fresh and your supplies organized for the journey can be worrisome. Studies show 89% of people say traveling outdoors is enjoyable but stressful and difficult to accomplish.

    With this Evergreen™ Picnic Backpack, being one with the great outdoors and benefiting from the fresh air and sunlight has never been more effortless. This insulated, all-in-one backpack is easy to carry, simple to clean, and comes with all the basic accessories you need for a successful picnic. Peaceful outdoor travel has never been made more enjoyable than with this Evergreen™ Picnic Backpack, get yours today!

    • Backpack Dimensions (16.5"x7.5"x11")
    • Dining set for 4 persons

    • (1) x Backpack
    • (1) x Corkscrew
    • (1) x Cheese/Butter Knife
    • (1) x 6 inch plastic chopping board
    • (1) x Salt and Pepper Shakers
    • (4) x 9 inch plates
    • (4) x Cotton Napkins 
    • (4) x Wine Glasses 
    • (4) x Flatware Sets 
    • (1) x Fleece Blanket with Water Resistant Back

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