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    “If you have pets of any kind you need one of these little gems too!! I have two cats and a dog and I could not live without mine. I saw it on Amazon Live, with the person showing us all these products available. I read the reviews, some good, some not so good. I LOVE THIS THING!!! It works so well, I went to town on everything in my home. It picks up fur better than a vacuum!! You open it up and clean it out, simple and sweet. I am going to order two more. I have to have these in my house, you should too!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Della Mac
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    Having a pet in the home provides a sense of companionship and ultimately has various other health benefits such as increasing opportunities to exercise. However, a home with pets can feel overwhelming with the never ending amount of fur they leave on sofas, carpets, comforters, blankets and more. It can be extremely frustrating and time consuming when having to consistently deal with never ending amounts of hair left behind from pets.

    With the Furnab™ - Hair Removal Tool it can be used daily with ease in order to stay on top of animal hair in the home!  The Furnab™ simply rolls back and forth to remove pet hair effortlessly making the use of vacuums and lint rollers a thing of the past. Now, with the use of this hair removal tool, it's easier to enjoy more time cuddling furry friends and less time cleaning up after their hair and dander! 


    EASY TO USE: Simply slide Furnab™ back and forth like a handheld vacuum, and watch it easily trap hair into its designated receptacle. Enjoy the simplicity it offers while simultaneously loving the fur free home it produces.

    REUSABLE DESIGN: The Furnab™ offers a self-cleaning design by simply lifting the lid to empty out collected hair, making it ready for immediate use again. With its reusable design, there is no need to buy hundreds of lint roller sheets for sticky tapes or adhesive papers!


    ECO FRIENDLY AND DURABLE: Built with durable plastic for long term use, the Furnab™ is very eco friendly. It saves time and money along with the added benefit of being earth conscious by minimizing waste with every use.

    NO MORE FUR MESS: Safe to use on various surfaces, such as couches and clothes, in order to conveniently keep pet hair and dander at bay. Dealing with fur has never been easier than with the Furnab™ making it more enjoyable to cuddle with furry friends. 

    NO POWER SOURCE NEEDED: It quickly works to minimize and remove surfaces coated in hair without having to deal with batteries and cords. Keeping clothes and home fur free is more manageable than ever with the use of the Furnab™. 

    We understand how real the struggle of keeping a fur free home is when pets are involved, especially when mixed with other chores. If you’re an animal lover but not a lover of their hair being everywhere, then you will appreciate the Furnab™ for pet hair removal. In fact, recent studies show, most pet owners spend on average 2 hours and 18 minutes per week dealing with unsightly pet hair from their furry companions!

    The Furnab™ is convenient and simple to use with its 100% reusable and self-cleaning design making it an excellent choice for any type of pet hair removal. It is unlike any other product, allowing for the effortless removal of pet hair by simply rolling it back and for like a handheld vacuum. Enjoy being with furry friends more and start making life easier by purchasing the Furnab™ today to solve all of life's hairy details!

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