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    Onyx Headphones™ - Open-Ear Bone Conduction

    “Nice, light, comfortable to use for sports. they don't isolate you from the outside environment and that's what I was looking for, they are very easy to pair. Intuitive controls, also great for talking on the phone.”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Giovanni B
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    Technology has become an essential part of daily life, making it important to have the proper accessories that are both reliable and useful. The traditional headphones and ear buds on the market today obstruct the ability to hear surrounding noises while oftentimes providing an uncomfortable fit in the process. When this happens it can be unnerving and troublesome, creating a sense of anxiety and unease over any given set of surroundings. 

    Onyx Headphones™ - Open-Ear Bone Conduction offer a unique design allowing them to be the solution to all that ordinary headphones can't be. The Onyx Headphones™ make it effortless to remain aware of surroundings while eradicating the inevitable ear soreness with its open ear design. Enjoy having the confidence to perform any activity while benefiting from hours of comfortable wear with premium sound quality.


    ✅ OPEN-EAR COMFORT WITH PREMIUM SOUND: The Onyx Headphones™ offer advanced bone conduction technology to transmit audio to the inner ear through cheek bone vibration. With the open-ear design, it is safer and healthier for extended listening with premium sound quality.

    ✅ CONNECTION: The high-performance chip and the latest bluetooth 5.0 technology bring faster wireless pairing and a more stable connection. The Onyx Headphones™ ensure that superior audio is enjoyed while offering compatibility with iOS and Android bluetooth-ready devices.

    ✅ MAINTAINING AWARENESS: With the unique design of Onyx Headphones™ it’s never been more simple to remain aware of surroundings. With these headphones it’s easy to feel safe and available to respond to surroundings when it matters most

    SECURE FIT: The ergonomic design offers moderate elasticity and a skin-friendly silicone wrap for comfortable wearing, that will not interfere with glasses. With Onyx Headphones™, it's easy to have confidence that they will stay firmly in place regardless of activity.

    ✅ MAGNETIC CHARGING: Onyx Headphones™ offer a magnetic charging method to prevent sweat and rain erosion from affecting the charging port, thereby extending battery life. Now, it’s easier than ever to enjoy hours of music, calls and podcasts with our bluetooth headphones. 

    We understand the struggle of finding a quality headset with good sound that stays in place, and doesn't cause ear discomfort in the process. Nothing is more frustrating than having a headset that doesn't meet your needs for working out, taking an important business call or simply catching up with a friend. Studies have shown people on average spend 7.8 hours per week on their headsets and prioritize sound quality and comfort upon purchase.

    With the Onyx Headphones™, wearing a headset has never been more comfortable, allowing for many hours of active and productive wearing. The open-ear design eliminates unnecessary irritation by sitting snuggly over the ear while still providing a very pleasant and uninterrupted listening experience. Elevate listening to a whole new level and indulge in the comfort that Onyx Headphones™ have to offer.  


    • Material: Titanium alloy body wrapped in skin-friendly silicone
    • Color: Black
    • Size: One size fits all


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