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    Eggtastic™- Gravity Fed Dispenser


    “There's a little corner of the fridge where this fits perfectly. The design frees up space for the many other wonders our fridge holds. We live on a farm and keep chickens for eggs. It is really convenient to gather and wash the eggs, then just add them to this holder. And to be able to reach in and grab what you need without taking out a container, opening the container, putting the container back, etc. And there's no guessing about which egg to use next since this is a first in, first out system. It really works for us!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ T. Chitwood
    ✅Verified Buyer

    Maintaining organization in a refrigerator can be challenging when it's in constant use throughout the day and items are constantly being shifted around. Food items like eggs are impossible to see in cartons and are typically challenging to get to because they are always inconveniently buried under other items. Nothing is more frustrating and troublesome than having to alter plans after discovering that there is not enough for cooking.

    Eggtastic™- Egg Dispenser offers a unique space saving design for storing eggs that is also convenient and aesthetically pleasing. This rolling egg tray features a gravity-fed design, allowing eggs to be dispensed by gentle rolling motion while simultaneously keeping them in order of freshness as they move forward. Enjoy the convenience and time-saving capability of simply reaching into the refrigerator to grab the desired amount of eggs with ease.


    ✅ DISPENSER DESIGN:The rolling design dispenses one egg at a time with a gentle forward motion. Eggtastic™ offers convenience by keeping eggs accessible at all times.

    ✅ UNIVERSAL SIZE:Eggtastic™ can easily hold up to 14 eggs while keeping them in order of freshness. Whether the eggs are standard, large or jumbo size they can all fit within the confines of the dispenser.


    ✅ CLEAR VIEW:With the sturdy, see through design of the Eggtastic™ organizer, it will make keeping inventory easy. Enjoy knowing how many eggs you have on hand with just a simple glance.


    ✅ QUICK SET-UP:No assembly required, simply load the eggs and they're ready to roll. The Eggtastic™ dispenser will stay in place with its non-slip feet providing peace of mind

    ✅ PREMIUM MATERIAL:Eggtastic™is made from high quality BPA free plastic that can be used for years to come. Enjoy its lightweight design that is functional, durable and easy to clean. 

    We understand how frustrating it can be when food gets wasted because of how difficult it is to maintain refrigerator organization. Reaching into the refrigerator to find the egg carton is alway a struggle, and never knowing if the eggs you have are any good can be worrisome. Studies show that the average person throws away 103 lbs of spoiled food from their refrigerator every year which equates to $2,798.

    Eggtastic™ offers a compact design while keeping eggs conveniently visible and accessible at all times. The rolling egg dispenser allows for eggs to be readily available and organized with its gravity-fed system making it a user-friendly way to store eggs. Enjoy having eggs ready to go, with Eggtastic™, so it's easy for your cooking to stay on a roll!



    • Material: BPA Free Plastic
    • Color(s): Clear
    • Narrow Dispenser:14.2” D x 4.1” H x 3.4” W
    • Stackable Dispenser:14.7” D x 3.3” H x 6.4” W


    (1)x Eggtastic™ organizer


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