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    Miracle Patch™- Acne Cover Patch

    "I grew up an oily acne covered teen. As I'm now deep in my 30s and have an intense but gentle skin routine. I do still get spots from time to time. I no longer use spot acne cream. I just use these. Even my partner who does nothing with his skin demands I have these on hand. I've also tried other pimple patches and these are just the best."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trish S.
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    Acne can be frustrating and embarrassing, making it difficult to have confidence when looking in the mirror. Struggling with unwanted blemishes can impact personal perception, creating a consistent battle with self-esteem. Having to choose between flawless skin and costly facial treatments can be discouraging and ultimately ineffective

    Miracle Patch™- Acne Cover Patch is extremely effective when dealing with unsightly acne spots. This medical-grade hydrocolloid sticker improves the looks of pimples overnight by absorbing the irritants locked inside pores. With Miracle Patch™, achieving clearer-looking skin has never been more simple and can even be done while sleeping! 


    FAST RESULTS: This acne patch work great at bedtime, allowing it to effectively trap pore irritants in the desired 6 to 8 hour timeframe. Simply place Miracle Patch™ in the desired area and watch it work, peeling it off when it turns white. 

    BLENDS SEAMLESSLY: Miracle Patch™ is a thin sticker that offers a translucent matte finish that will blend with skin. Enjoy keeping blemishes under wraps day or night without even realizing it!


    PREVENTS SCARRING: With this patch, it eliminates the desire to pick and pop, shielding skin against scabs and scarring. Miracle Patch™ makes it possible to wake up to clearer-looking skin by visibly reducing blemishes. 

    SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Miracle Patch™ is a medical-grade hydrocolloid sticker that are UV tested and allergy tested. Each box comes with either 72 or 144 acne patches that are compatible with even the most sensitive skin types. 

    STRONG ADHESION: Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing Miracle Patch™ will stay in place even through a night of tossing and turning. Despite its strong adhesion, it will be easy to remove in the morning without redness or irritation. 

    We understand how difficult it can be to avoid popping or picking at unsightly and painful acne based blemishes. It's very tempting, but oftentimes very harmful to skin when we go after it in the mirror causing redness and the potential for scabs and scars. Recent studies show that roughly 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from acne.

    Miracle Patch™ offers a safe, gentle, and non-irritating way to effectively handle skin blemishes overnight with ease. Whether it's to prevent, treat or repair Miracle Patch™ is a hydrocolloid patch that noticeably shrinks blemishes. Love having an effective solution to help skin fight back, making it easy to open up rather than cover up!



    • Material: Rubber, Pectin


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