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    Feedright™- Slow Feeder Bowl

    Lake Blue

    “We recently got an Aussie Mountain Doodle puppy. She LOVES her food and gets bored easily!! While her portions are small, it amazed us how quickly she ate her meals. We haven't had a dog in about 10 years and knew nothing about these puzzles then. What a great idea! This one not only keeps her brain stimulated but slows down her eating which was the goal. She now takes about 10-15 minutes to eat what was gone in only 2 minutes with a regular bowl. I like that she needs to push on the top center portion to get food to drop out into the outer sections. It is a challenge for her but not impossible. We also like to use this when she is bored to hunt for snacks just around the outside. If you have a dog that inhales their food, I think you will appreciate the fun they have while slowing them down. They'll never know it wasn't just supposed to be fun. LOL”

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    For many pets, feeding time is the most favorite time of day, oftentimes creating a food frenzy as it is devoured. Gastrointestinal health can be negatively impacted if animals consume their food too quickly which can even lead to serious medical conditions. It can be extremely unsettling to witness a pet in pain or discomfort making for an overall scary situation.

    Feedright™- Slow Feeder Bowl can offer a solution in order to slow down feeding for pet safety and well-being. This interactive pet bowl offers a puzzle-like experience, with its 3 eating channels and 2 levels of difficulty, forcing pets to slow down during feeding time. Enjoy having the peace of mind that pets will maintain healthy eating habits while also increasing their overall intelligence! 



    IMPROVES GASTROINTESTINAL HEALTH: Feedright™ will promote healthy ingestion, by decreasing eating speed with its slow feed design. Great for any size dog, but for larger dogs it offers the added benefit of a large capacity top for refill convenience. 

    INCREASES PET INTELLIGENCE: This pet feeder offers a combination of 3 different food channels to encourage brain development. With Feedright™, pets will be continually entertained while simultaneously improving pet IQ. 


    2 LEVELS IN 1: This feeding bowl provides a beginner level and a BONUS intermediate level to continually challenge pets. Feedright™ will reduce boredom and destructive behavior by engaging the pet’s mind for the reward of tasty treats. 


    ANTI-SKID:  Feedright™ is thoughtfully designed with 4 non-slip rubber mats on a weighted base. Love having the peace of mind that it will stay firmly in place while dogs actively nudge and interact with it during feeding. 

    NO ASSEMBLY: This interactive pet bowl comes fully assembled and designed with durable food-grade PP material. Enjoy the benefits of Feedright™, this easy to clean and engaging slow feeder, right out of the box!


    We understand the fear of not being able to slow down pet feeding time in an effective yet engaging manner. Dogs are especially vulnerable to a serious medical condition called bloat if eating habits are not corrected. Recent studies show that approximately 30% of dogs that develop bloat die or have to be euthanized

    Feedright™ offers an effective yet engaging solution in order to slow down the rate at which animals consume food. Flip lids and side lids are used for beginner levels while the top push cover is used for intermediate pet engagement facilitating healthy eating speed. Enjoy feeding pets the right way, with the dual capability of this bowl, by keeping them safe and making them smart!


    • Material: Plastic
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