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    Sunkissed Laser™ - Permanent Hair Removal

    “After 6 weeks of regular use (used twice a week) the hair on my legs are all but gone. It’s been over a week since I’ve shaved and no stubble. I am more than happy with this product and have told all my friends and family about it. Armpits and bikini line are going to take a little longer but I can still see a difference. Would recommend it to everyone!”

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    Feeling confident is always a challenge, especially when wearing warmer seasonal based clothing. The embarrassing realities of dealing with unsightly body hair can result in expensive and time consuming treatments. Having to choose between flawless skin and costly hair removal treatments can be discouraging when unwanted body hair impacts confidence.

    Sunkissed Laser™ - Permanent Hair Removal is an investment worth making with it's ease of use from the comfort of home. The adjustable settings effortlessly target hair follicles with the upgraded pulse light technology in just 8-12 weeks. Whole body hair removal has never been more simple, while simultaneously promoting self-confidence through beautiful skin. 


     EASY TO USE AND EFFECTIVE: The Sunkissed Laser™ is very simple to use with its 5 levels of energy adjustment to accommodate various skin tones and hair colors. It can be easily modified to meet hair removal needs and is gentle enough with even the most sensitive areas.

    ✅ INCREDIBLE LIFE SPAN: Sunkissed Laser™ has a capacity of over 990,000 flashes ​​and is equipped with a clear display for remaining number of flashes. It offers years of use, while also saving thousands of dollars on salon based treatments and the annoyances of purchasing countless razors. 

     SAFE AND PAINLESS: A one piece quartz lamp is integrated into the  Sunkissed Laser™ to effectively ensure the light painlessly reaches targeted hair follicles. Enjoy skipping those painful waxing sessions and no longer having to use hair removal creams in order to achieve beautiful skin. 


     FULL BODY USE: The  Sunkissed Laser™ features intermittent and auto flash options that can be used for whole body treatment. Love having the control to use intermittent flash to target more sensitive areas while utilizing the auto flash function for the larger regions.

     AMAZING VALUE: The thoughtfully packaged Sunkissed Laser™ device comes with a manual, adaptor, goggles and razor. Deciding to make a small, one time investment for a lifetime of confidence has never made more sense than it does with the Sunkissed Laser™ tool. 

    1. Shave the skin surface hair, clean the depilation area.
    1. Connect the power supply (plug it in for using) tact Switch power button start the machine
    2. Tact Switch“- +” Adjust the gear, start the first gear and adjust the gear according to your skin's situation.The higher the gear, the better the depilation effect
    3. Wear product equipment goggles to avoid laser flash to the eyes.


    We understand how time-consuming and expensive it can be when having to use salon based treatments to get rid of unwanted body hair. The last thing you want to worry about as you break out your summer clothing is the idea of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. The average laser hair removal treatments cost nearly $400 and individual based treatment sessions can cost upwards of $800!

    With the Sunkissed Laser™ it will be easy to have flawless skin at a fraction of the cost of what a salon charges. Sunkissed Laser™ for men and women breaks the cycle of hair regrowth and can be performed comfortably at home with efficiency. Love having beautiful skin, while enjoying the effortless process from the comfort of home; order your laser hair removal machine today!



    • 5-levels of intensity
    • White quartz tube (without freezing point)
    • Size: 15x200x49mm



    (1) x Sunkissed Laser™
    (1) x Power Cord
    (1) x Sunglasses
    (1) x Razor


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